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These shoes have been specifically designed according to research done on the mechanics of the human body.

They provide adequate support for babies/toddler’s feet. The Velcro fasteners allow adjustment for narrow or wide feet, the round toe design lets the babies toes move freely, the shoe heel has a radian design preventing the shoe from falling off the foot, and the inner sole is made of HI-POLY which has open air pores allowing the feet to breathe and stay dry.

Shoes in this collection come in sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8. Some half sizes are now available too.

These shoes are generally a size bigger than what you would buy in the average retail store. It is always advisable to measure your little one’s foot accurately before purchasing.

  • "My child won't wear anything else! They are so flexible & super comfortable. I have even caught my son passed out in bed wearing them a few times" Ashleigh, Edenvale

  • "LOVE LOVE LOVE these shoes" Maggie, George

  • "Thank you so much for our amazing shoes! I was referred to you by a friend & I'm so happy she told me about you" Julia, Somerset West

  • The fastest delivery I have ever received. Thank you Lara for your sizing guidance. The size you recommended fits perfectly" Phumi, Rosebank

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All our sandals are extremely lightweight and durable. Most of them have a toe cap to protect little toes when climbing or biking.

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Our sneakers have a radian heel design which guarantees that our shoes will stay on little feet. They also have breathable fabric on the soles, so no smelly feet!

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Our high-tops rise above the ankle for adequate support. The are still fully flexible and have a non-slip grip. Our Winter high-tops have an extra layer of some added warmth.

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There is only one way to describe our boots...LUXURIOUS! All our Winter boots have an added layer of fluff for comfort and warmth. Plus they look gorgeous with any outfit.

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Our Story

Our journey began when my son started to walk at 10 months old. Before I knew it, we had collected a large pile of shoes that he was never able to wear.

I found it so hard to find appropriate shoes for him, so I made it my mission to find something that ticked all the boxes.

When a baby takes his/her first steps it is such an exciting time. At Footsies & Tootsies we have made it our mission to make sure we supply quality shoes that are healthy and promote correct foot development.

We also strive to form a lasting relationship with our little customers, and their parents of course, and feel privileged to be a part of their very first steps.

We sincerely hope that you love our shoes as much as we do!

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