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BiSaddle SRT 1.0 Chrome Moly Rails Black

BiSaddle SRT 1.0 Chrome Moly Rails Black

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FEATURES: ✓ Adjustable Sit Bone width 100-165mm ✓ Saddle weight varies from 295 g to 411 g based upon your frame selection ✓ Saddle length (198mm long) ✓ Dark black with gray racing stripes ✓ Takes pressure off your unmentionables ✓ Helps you ride faster, further Weight Limits: Chromoly Frame: 280 lbs. Titanium Frame: 240 - 250 lbs. Carbon Fiber Frame: 210 - 220 lbs. The Full Carbon Frame is not meant for MTB and Gravel. It is best for Tri and Road. It is super light and has a rider weight limit of 210 pounds.

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