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Nanomorph 3-Lens Bundle Amber / DJI DL

Nanomorph 3-Lens Bundle Amber / DJI DL

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They say good things come in small packages. The Laowa Nanomorphs really pack a punch with their cinematic lens flares, smooth oval bokeh, close focusing distance, and uniform 1.5x squeeze ratio. 2x squeeze is possible with Laowas Front Anamorphic Adapter. The lenses are offered in three different flare packages. Blue for a more Sci-Fi edge, Amber for a romantic/vintage feel, and now Silver for neutral flares that will take on their source color. PL models include an interchangeable EF mount kit. Additional mount kits for the mirrorless models can be purchased separately here but are not cross-compatible with the PL/EF Nanomorph lenses.

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