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Sony Alpha A6600 Camera with 18-135mm Lens Green

Sony Alpha A6600 Camera with 18-135mm Lens Green

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A full-fledged toolkit for your imagination - The a6600 packs in the features, to deliver what you need for just about any situation you encounter - fast AF, steady image stabilization and stunning image quality, a high-capacity battery and serious 4K HDR (HLG) movie shooting. Ultra-fast AF and continuous shooting - Reliable and persistent AFWide AF area, super-fast AF speed and steady subject tracking - Densely distributed focus points cover around 84% of the image area, and the Fast Hybrid AF system combines the best of phase-detection AF and contrast-detection AF to achieve a world-leading 0.02-s acquisition speed. When subjects are in motion, AF points densely positioned around the subject are activated for accurate tracking. Fast continuous shooting with AF/AE at up to 11fps - Shoot at up to 11 fps with minimal display lag, and 8 fps with live view, in bursts of up to 116 shots in JPEG (Standard) at one time. With your settings clearly previewed in the electronic viewfinder, and the virtually real-time display, it will elevate your action shooting to a whole new level. Silent continuous shooting wont disturb the peace - When the situation calls for absolute quiet, silent shooting with no shutter noise is possible at up to 8 fps, even in AF-C mode. Used with Real-time Eye AF or with Real-time Tracking it dramatically expands your range of shooting options. Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AFInitiate tracking in an instant - Initiate Real-time Tracking by half-pressing the shutter, or simply select the subject by touch, to start tracking. You can also assign Tracking On to a custom key, and press it to start tracking. AI-based subject tracking - The cameras tracking systems rely on unique AI-based subject recognition algorithms. These process spatial information consisting of color, pattern (brightness), and distance (depth) data, as well as tracking the subjects eye and face, all in real time at high speeds. Real-time Eye AF for human - Even when your portrait subject is on the move, Real-time Eye AF provides continuous, stable eye detection and tracking to keep your scene in focus. It also works when the subjects face is partially hidden, backlit, or facing downward. Real-time Eye AF for animal - The same eye-detection algorithms that make great portraits of people have been adapted to animals as well, to help you get beautiful pet portraits and wildlife shots. Right/left eye AF selection by touch - Not only can you prioritize the subjects left or right eye in settings, you can even do it with a simple touch to the cameras monitor screen. Smooth focus transition - Depending on the condition of the subject youre tracking, the focus area will automatically and seamlessly switch between the subjects face and eyes. Real-time Tracking activation with Touch Tracking - With the Touch Tracking function you can simply touch the monitor to initiate Real-time Tracking for either stills or movies.5-axis optical image stabilization - Pitch and yaw control - Compensate for angular shake, also known as pitch and yaw shake, especially evident when shooting at longer focal lengths. Horizontal and vertical axes - Compensate for camera shake in the horizontal and vertical directions, most apparent at high magnifications such as macro shooting. Roll compensation - Compensate for roll, or rotational shake, most obvious in hand-held, long-duration movie shooting. How optical image stabilization works - The 5-axis in-body optical image stabilization mechanism used on our acclaimed full-frame cameras has been adapted as the stabilization unit for the APS-C sensor on the a6600. Relying on a highly accurate gyro sensor, it detects and compensates for camera shake along five different axes, including angular (pitch and yaw), horizontal, vertical and rotational, for stabilization equivalent to a 5-step faster shutter setting. Magnificent images - High image quality by design - Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor and latest-generation BIONZ X image processor - The 24.2-megapixel APS-C image sensor is optimized for highly efficient light collection, a wide sensitivity range and low-noise performance even at high ISO settings. In conjunction with the latest-generation BIONZ X image processing engine, it delivers superb image clarity and outstanding textural reproduction. Low-noise performance for high ISO sensitivity - Across a wide sensitivity range of ISO 100-32000 (expanded to ISO 50-102400), the a6600 delivers excellent low-noise performance for high-quality images even in dimly lit settings. Improved color reproduction - Algorithms inherited from our highly regarded full-frame cameras are responsible for the a6600s faithful color reproduction. Depiction of human skin tones has been significantly improved, as have the vibrant colors of flowers. Jaggies and false colors are also suppressed. True-to-life 4K HDR (HLG) movie recording - Versatile movie-making capabilities - Full-pixel readout with no pixel binning enables high-resolution 4K

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